Welcome to Manchester Capoeira Academy, Manchester’s first purpose created space dedicated to Capoeira, and the home of the group, Capoeira Conviver, headed by Master Valdir Da Silva.

The group Capoeira Conviver was founded by Master Valdir da Silva in Santos, Brazil. In 2007 Master Valdir moved to England to devote himself to the teaching and growth of Capoeira in this country. Capoeira Conviver is dedicated to the teaching, performing and training of capoeira. We believe in an open, friendly approach and believe that capoeira should be accessible to all ages and people from all walks of life.
What they say about us!

‘Hi Aisha, firstly can I just say how grateful we are for an amazing first day! The children were absolutely enthralled with the assembly and the workshops as was I! Brilliant! Just what we were looking for.  And the rest of the children are really excited about tomorrow! We are really looking forward to our second day.’ Deputy Head, Lily Lane Primary School, Moston
  "Master Valdir truly cares for his students"  Element Dance    


Capoeira is a Brazilian Dance-Martial Art which combines movement, acrobatics, music, percussion and game play. It comes from slavery, where slaves disguised attack and defence training as a dance. Over the years it has developed into a recognised artform which is truly authentic to Brazil.  Not only will you get fit, but you get to immerse yourself in Brazilian culture,release your creative side, be part of an international community, and much much more...

What they say about us!

“…I loved those instruments…the berimbaus…they’re amazing! Really difficult to play, but really fun…
”   Undergraduate Student    >


We run adult classes, workshops, intensives and also offer private classes and courses. All our classes are taught by qualified capoeira practitioners

What they say about us!

"Capoeira Conviver are a true, soulful experience"   Ella Peck          


Manchester Capoeira Academy is home to our family classes and Capo-kids! Families can choose between kids only classes, or get involved and participate.

What they say about us!

Edie-Mae loved it. She was showing me what they'd done in class. Loving the fact they're moving, experimenting with percussion and song and in Edie's case it seems learning some Portuguese. Winner! '    


Capoeira Conviver have also worked on a number of education projects, including the development of Capoeira as part of a school curriculum at Oldham Academy, undergraduate teaching at the University of Salford and Manchester Metropolitan University, and regular classes at the University of Huddersfield to name but a few.

Get in touch if you would like Capoeira Conviver to provide a workshop or course in your school.

All our teachers are fully trained in Capoeira, and are DBS checked, with indemnity insurance.

What they say about us!

'Thank you so much Aisha- your team were incredible - the school were lucky to have you come in and everyone really enjoyed the day- thank you!! ... thanks so much again and let us know if we can promote your club in order to encourage our children to join- many thanks Alana'
St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, Sale